"Raghavan Mama, thus he is fondly called by all his food lovers is an excellent personality by nature. If you are a food lover and if you have not tasted his food yet,

then you have lost something in life. You should definitely try his food. This man has some magic in his fingers and we never know what he adds special in his food. The

same recipe when tried at home by us gives a different flavor compared to anything prepared by him.

Being served the 44th Pontiff of Sri Ahobilamutt, this man has extensive blessings of the Jeeyar, and his Acharya Bhakthi makes him to lead a life full of satisfaction. He has

never demanded anything as a fair for his work and accepts anything that will suit his purse as fees for the work done. People will also never think to pay him twice whatever

is required as his job is excellent. He can cook in any small place, manage any situations and above all will always win all the hearts where ever he is working."


--Anuradha Gopalan