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About the Proprieter - Shri NS Raghavan Srinivasa

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Shri NSS Raghavan hails from a traditionally rich South Indian family. He has undergone formal education in ‘Pancharatra Agama Sastra’, with extensive training in preparation of culinary items for all Hindu Religious and Cultural festivals.

To his privilege, he had an opportunity of serving some of the esteemed Temples in India as a Religious Cook, including Tirupati-Tirumala Devastanam and Pushkar (Rajasthan) to name a few.

His tenure in US includes, The Mahalaksmi Temple (Delaware) and Sri Bhaktha Anjaneya Temple (Maryland). He specializes in preparation of both South Indian and North Indian food catering to religious as well as cultural events.

Preparation of sweets and savories is his expertise. He has to his credentials serving over 1000 people at a single go during big events like Temple Consecration ceremonies, Maharudramss, Chandi Homam, Bhoomi Poojas.

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